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Rick and Morty: The delicious taste of ice cream Rick and Morty: The delicious taste of ice cream

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Animation: Very nicely made, but copying another one's style 3.5/5.

Sound 4/5 - Nothing special, but almost perfect voice play.

the script is the reason for writing this review: 4.5/5
I've wanted to give it 2.5/5 since started watching it, because first 2/3 of the movie was basically Rick and Morty repeating same thing over and over. But the twist made me realise that it was intended that way, so that it stays true to the real Rick and Morty, which is clearly depicted in the rest 1/3 of the movie.

All in all, I'd give it 4.25/5.
You might consider changing playing Rick voice a little. Everything seems fine except that Rick talks faster, there are almost no pauses between his sentences - normally he talks like he already has SO much to say that he tries to squizz it in the shortest time possible. That, and the fact he kinda hates explaining things to stupid people. The longest pauses he is doing is when he nervously looks for the right word, or belch :D

Rey Rey

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I kind of understand where the story was going and what's the moral, but I'd REALLY like to understand what the whole story was, including why the grumpy king did all those horrible things

Graphics are very nice, pretty original animation and style. Could turn it into great parody of historical events - a series just from you, for at least 3 episodes.

Re-upload with Eng subs too.

mr. list watches a movie mr. list watches a movie

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The "movie" is pretty much the dictionairy definition of an asshole. Flabby characters in a cinema.

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Cream Cream

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very fluid and clean movie, although most of the animation looked like motion tween (is this how its spelled?) and the the special effect everything was in correct place. Every detail was shiny and eye catching, the picture like elements were given life.

What I like the most about this, is the meaning of what is happening, the way we see the accomplishments of humanity destroyed the instant somebody decides is not good for their interest.

More than once I have been a witness of creation of good items and ideas, more than once I have tried later to find them or their working duplicates to no avail. It is as someone is controlling that the best never leave the rest far behind, and if they do, they are tore down.

This goes for following:
- medicine for allergy
- medicine for cancer, for which I hear there are new ways of curing every year or so, but never witness anyone actually confirming it
- vehicle safety inventions (like EPAR, the car bumbers that substantially remove force of crashing, saving car and lives)

Going down history a bit:
- Indian Conopy, now known as marihuana, initially created as cheaper and more efficient material in cloths industry

Those are the only one I recall, and I don't want to surf internet to depress myself thinking how HORRIBLE is rich 1%, when we will be free of this madness?

If you have any other examples though, please add them in comments, so that the viewers actually know, that this movie, this piece of art is not only art - it is a message to all of us that those, who will try to change the world will have to fight with those who cannot accept that change, and the bigger the change, the greater your opponent will be. I pray for a great change that would happen in our world, one free of the boundaries, smart enough to avoidcrippling laws, strong enough to not get swallowed by media and uni-best as the Cream... but even in times already going fast as they are doing now, I don't know if we'll live long enough to see this.

Maybe to witness a pernament fully intended positive change we'll need revolution, who knows... maybe a change could be brought only by war.. Till that time I'll pray, and watch David Firths movie (kudos for the whole cast, photographics, music and everything), hoping for a better tomorrow.

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Spickled Dimwizzles Episode 2 Spickled Dimwizzles Episode 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Based on first 3 episodes of this series:

Quite a nice piece there. Animation drawn-like gaveit a bit of what children would draw, but seing it animate one does see the difference. Maybe some more inking on the outline, but that's just my opinion.

The sound needs a bit of work on. Demon lady/door was almost inaudible most of the time, which then, when I automatically try to increase volume, is contrasted how some of the sounds become deafening. I understand that you have tried to get mysterious effect of the voice, but one would require some other approach, since I could not hear her say most of the lines. Definately needs more "natural" sound effects (magma splash sounds, traps sounds, heavy machinery)

All in all I like the idea of "overly lucky" wizard apprentice, so I'll keep watching.

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Wikileaks - All the Things Wikileaks - All the Things

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice synchronisation between music and songs and the animation.

Animation was fluid enough, but the most important factor was how everybody was portraited.
Putting aside that this is a good animation, I can't shake a feeling that over half of the people shown in the flash were put as "victims". They were not victims. The 1st guy was kind of cheating on a girl. The politician was promising things he cannot deliver. Guy letting poop on the walkway, delivery man kicking his delivery, these all need to be countered.

Because yeah, "oh, those things happen ALL the time", but personally, fck all those people who act as those things are "normal", just because they happen often its NOT normal.

Putting that aside, sorry Asagne you're not here with us, I hope the next guy that gets in your place will not get caught and is not bought.

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Pizzaman Pizzaman

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good animation, especially when we count in this the Newgrounds debut. Good story. If possible, try getting some more sounds.

With those animation skills I think it shouldn't be too hard to find interested people :). Sounds need more *oomph* . But very good animations presenting what is happening to everybody. Loved the ending. I mean, everybody was expecting him to mutate or eat whole pizza or something... and there it was, along with Pizzamans dismay.

I usually don't subscribe to anything, but I'm itching to see where you go from here.

Real Conversation with 4 year old and her Grandpa Real Conversation with 4 year old and her Grandpa

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ooooooh what a cure little brat XD

Awesome lip sync, I love the way you show when people laugh with their teeth out. Nice move choosing kids as substance for the next mov, they are very surprising, its like the script writes itself :)

An Alien Affair An Alien Affair

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love the animation, great graphics, sound voice overs. All is simple, and it was supposed to be simple.

What I loved the most was the pace of things, the protagonist was escalating everything very fast, and the conclusion was not delivered until the very end. The suddenness of the answer of this very question of WHY made me chuckle :).

Also nice graphical representations of what the protagonist was saying.

Vikings of the Interstate (Pilot) Vikings of the Interstate (Pilot)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Lots of animation and ideas that are good to animate are conteined in this movie. Although the lighting looks blatant, the film was really worth watching, you could see every little move, hint of intention, mood. The worried wife, the jolly waitress - you did not have to see any particular dialog with them to already start creating their bio. Great fighting scenes, nice "intermission" time with the lady :D. I meant that the lighting of everything did not match the scene particularly (Sunday webcomic warm colours don't mix with the blood, gore and manliness much :p), but then again maybe that was the point: to have vikings invade not only in general idea, but even our own sense of peace and serenity (broadly speaking here), that you have created for us. Then again I would love to see the mood gradually darken the lighting in next parts if your pilot succeeds }:p.

Music was to the point, viking = METAL. Although I might have listened to it badly (not loud enough, my speakers malfunction). On the other hand It felt rather flat without the "clangs" and sounds of slicing, yells, generally some fighting sounds could be incorporated to make the viewer more "shocked" by the sudden acts of vioelence. All the other domestic sounds were incporporated very nice.

TL;DR: Very gruesome and awesome, but needs some sounds. Also would love to see at least some scenes fully lightened, like your Beast Flecko art piece.

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